I Love British Animals Collection.

fox2  CuteHareb

Since being back in my home country and living in the beautiful Countryside of Malvern I was inspired to create a series of art, based on British wild animals. So far I have done 6 designs of a fox, rabbit, deers, badgers, squirrel and Barn Owl. If would like to see me  creating these pieces, you fill find more of my ongoing art here at my Instagram. If you’d like to see more of my Temporary tattoos you can see them in my etsy 10%Off when you spend over $20.00 Coupon code: HAPPYTATTOO

deerlove  badger

squirrel2My project started off with the rabbit as my friends little girl asked me if I had any rabbit temporary tattoos, and this collection was born then. I drew out the rabbit and decided to surround it with a heart as I knew she loved them so ;) and my “I Love British Animal Collection” was born. It is my hope from here to complete the collection by adding a

•Harvest Mouse

• Hare

• Hedgehog

• and Otter

Its then my hope to get them printed as Blank Greeting Cards so they can be used for any occasion, I shall also be creating temporary tattoos and limited edition prints.

For the greeting cards I’m going to try and find a charitable company that take care of and help protect, save our beautiful british wild animals..

My last design I finished was the Barm Owl and heres a photograph of the pencil drawing here.




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Sexy Death, Love Vanity Sugar Skull

sexydeathlovevanitytattooSaw this competition on Create My Tattoo for a sexy photorealistic realistic death sugar skull. I have always wanted to do a design something like this and I have seen many cool styles so I had to give it a go. I knew taking on something like this was a big job and the prize money well just didn’t make sense for the amount of work needed, but its not about the money and in this case I was inspired. Once inspiration takes over then you have to just go with the flow.

If your looking for something similar to this, it costs around £300 (prices subject to change)

Mermaid & Her Octopus


A pretty mermaid with her octopus friend. Tattoo inspired art. As a conscious effect to try and improve on my drawing techniques in my free time I’m going to try and do more sketching. “Mermaid & Her Octopus” is one of those projects. I had such a lot of feedback doing this design, which I am delighted with, that I will certainly do more in the future. I pinned this on Pinterest 2 weeks ago and already it has been pinned 50 times. If you like what you see please share.


I will be doing a lot more pencil work in the foreseeable future, as I’m really enjoyed my sketching. It time for me to explore my craft more and see where it takes me. It does mean your see a lot more art that comes from my soul, I’ve always love creating art, but I really want to get absorbed by it and explore more and see what I’m really capable of. If your looking to have a tattoo designed yourself and you like what you see, drop me an email here

Private Commissions If you want something similar designed this particular design would cost around  £400 (prices subject to change)

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Organic Skull Tattoo Flash and New Prints.


My organic skulls are based on Thai Buddhist art. I wanted to create something unique whilst using the tattoo skull, skull tattoos will always remain very popular. So it was really nice to do something a littler different Within my skulls their are elements of flowers, leaves and feathers. Looking at the shapes and the contours of the skull I filled in the spaces and enhances the shapes to flow within the skull, making them feel natural and organic skulls.

The Original Organic Skulls” Artwork  are available for £300

Limited Edition Signed Prints now available from Etsy  &  website

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Tattoo Flash

Temporary Tattoo available here

Private Commissions If your looking for something similar to this, it costs around £300

Expand my Back Making a Dragon Sword

This competition was a partial cover up for Jas. The dragon symbol you see in the centre was an existing tattoo, but Jas wanted to add to it. One of the ideas was to make it into a sword and the other was a goblet with a fantasy background. I decided that the sword would fit better, so I went with that, I also added a dragon and clouds in the background and left it with that due to the timescale. With the space I had and the positioning of the sword I had to hide part of the dragons wings using clouds. Later on Jas wants more added to round off his dragon theme background.

Cancer Survivor Lilac Tattoo for Tummy.

A tattoo to cover up tummy tuck scars for a cancer survivor. Healing the wounds that changed her life. Lilac tattoo for the generations of love, strength of motherhood. This was the description I had to work with for this tattoo. She loves lilac flowers I created a symmetrical design putting a hidden heart just below the belly button. This was my way of adding a little more loving positive family feeling.


An Owl and Typewriter for Mom

Help create a memorial tattoo for my mom showing an owl and typewriter. I lost my my when I was 24 so I kinda really wanted to give this a go, plus I have wanted to design a Owl tattoo for like ages :)

This is the description for a tattoo competition that I entered last month. Unfortunately I didn’t win the competition, but I thought it would be kinda neat to share this with you ;) His mom liked to read books, she also loved owls dogwood flowers from the dogwood tree. I put the word mom within the books cause because it had an magical feel especially floating them in the air giving it a Harry Potter feel. My personal favourite it the greyscale below with the majestic orange eyes.

Private Commissions If your looking for something similar to this, it costs around £150

Temporary Tattoo available here

Chinese Dragon Sleeve with Blossom for Joseph.

I’m super excited to share this with you. This is a private commission I got from a lovely guy called Joseph who contacted me requesting a dragon sleeve. He had a few samples of some dragon styles he liked, but he pretty much give me free rein on this one.

This is my first wrap around sleeve I have done, so I had to really think about the composition and flow, so I had to pull out all the stops. Lucky for me I have had some experience working in a tattoo studio, and I have done a few myself so this gave me a clue on how I could tackle this job and my husband was quiet happy to lend me a hand as a model, so using him as a guinea pig I drew out the rough design on him.

Once Joseph was happy with this I traced it onto layout paper and put into four sections, because this would make it a lot easier for the tattoo artist to place the design onto Joseph’s body. See below.

Then the next thing for me to do was work out the design and come up with something Joseph liked. Joseph wanted to have the dragon wrap around his arm like his arm was a branch, he also wanted some blossom in there as well. It was my idea to add the clouds in and the sun as Joseph wanted something in the background.  The background also leaves a little bit of artistic license for the tattoo artist to add to. The head of the dragon sits on Josephs Chest. Heres the outline below.

The last thing and the most important was to colour this dragon in, Joseph wanted bright, bold and powerful colours and I really wanted to show off the lovely depth in the design and really make this design pop. From start to finish I just totally loved this job, for many reasons, one of the main reasons was, this really pushed me to the limits and there was a real sense of achievement at the end of the job. The job was awesome and Joseph was an absolute pleasure to work with, he just loved it every step of the way and really got excited about what I was doing. I’m no tattoo artist, but I can design so to have this experience to work with someone its great! This is totally what I live for helping you see your visions come to life. Its always about the experience folks and you really allow me to do what I love, creating something personal and special for you.

Once again I really do hope I get the chance to see this inked.

Chalice “How do you fill your cup if it is already full?”


A competition win I had over on createmytattoo. This cool idea of a chalice overflowing with water.

Customers concept comes from the question “How do you fill your cup if it is already full?” and would like it to be a cup or chalice that is overflowing. As far as the design of the cup/chalice itself I am open to anything (assuming the design of the piece allows for that), but have a preference for nature designs such as plants, trees, or birds.

chalice2And this is what I came up with, with a few different variations, I really loved getting into this piece, and Now I’m also lucky enough to see the finished tattoo. Tattoo artist called Jessatattoo really did an amazing job of transferring this design to skin. This lady really does some awesome tattoos, and specialises in natures insects, flowers and birds, but in all honesty she really good with whatever idea she touches. She clearly has a love for detail and colour but don’t take my word, check her out here ;)

It so nice to see the finished ink, I feel really proud :) And I found out today that this design is also featured on the home page of Create My Tattoo :) along with 2 other of my designs OMG how awesome is that! Thank you so much guys.